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September 2003

  • Get a TOE hold on iSCSI

    ISCSI networking companies are now offering HBAs with built-in TCP Offload Engines (TOE) to take the load off the system. Get the lowdown on these new cards.

  • SMI-S: What's in it for storage managers?

    Storage managers and administrators have been hearing about Bluefin and the Storage Management Intiative Specification (SMI-S) for quite some time. But, few know how the standard can help make your...

  • Taming HBAs, Part 3

    Installing, configuring and maintaining Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) is the bane of many SAN administrators. Thankfully, some new cards offer better management tools.

  • Taking a peek into the minds of vendors

    Taking a peek into the minds of vendors

  • Using SRM for backup

    Storage managers aren't just looking for storage resource management (SRM) tools to help with primary storage allocation anymore -- but also for secondary storage purposes.