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September 2003

  • Centralizing remote-office data backup

    Centralize your backup, or you may never be able to recover from disasters. You may also fail to comply with federal regulations.

  • Snapshot: Backup procedures

    What's Your Backup Philosophy?

  • Can Disk Speed Up Lethargic Backups?

    Is disk-based backup right for your shop?

  • Where tape belongs

    Ignore the industry babble about whether tape is dead or not: Tape is here to stay. But with the advantages of new low-cost disk systems--especially for fast restoration--tape's role in backup will...

  • WORM Option Seals Tape Library Sale

  • SD 2003: Vendors seen as feeding off compliance paranoia

    While vendors are striking fear in the hearts of users, the truth is that communication is more important to compliance than any technology solution on the market today.

  • SD2003: Brocade's long-term viability questioned

    Brocade came under fire during the Storage Decisions show in Chicago this week for its questionable product strategy and aggressive behavior toward competitors such as McData.

  • SD 2003: Gartner storage guru shares storage buying secrets

    Noted industry analyst and Gartner research director, Nick Allen, kicked off the Storage Decisions conference Wednesday by telling end users how to put the squeeze on their storage suppliers.

  • SD 2003: Microsoft announces file-based storage OS

    Windows Storage Server 2003 made waves at the Storage Decisions conference Wednesday, and every name in the industry was on board with new hardware and software support.

  • SD 2003: Corporate DR mandates driving IT priorities for 2004

    Storage managers still hold a pretty tight grip on budgets, but when it comes to spending for disaster recovery planning, the corporate purse strings are beginning to loosen.

  • Data retention rules demand a group effort

    Users are facing a rash of new federal regulations -- SEC Rule 17a-4, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the USA Patriot Act, HIPAA. And all of them make data retention just another big old headache for the data


  • Cisco offers new switch for SAN expansion

    Users are buying smaller port-count switches to build out their SANs, and Cisco Systems has noticed. The company announced a new, entry-level storage switch Tuesday that ranges in size from 20 to 4...

  • How HBAs and operating systems work together

    An in depth look at how your HBA and operating system work together.

  • Sorting out the features

    With so many HBA features, it's hard to know which ones matter and which ones don't. Here's a short description of some of the features shipping today that may influence your buying decision.

  • Avoiding common e-mail storage policy mistakes

    What is your companies e-mail policy? Are e-mails purged after a set time or are they retained? Bob Spruzem uncovers the benefits of a good e-mail policy.

  • ATM as a SAN connection is already here

  • EMC says goodbye to WideSky

    EMC has stopped marketing its WideSky middleware as a "universal translator" between storage arrays and management applications in favor of the Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S), ...

  • Tiny recovery tools

    Memory sticks can help a lot when something crashes.

  • Taming HBAs

    Installing, configuring and maintaining Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) is the bane of many SAN administrators. Thankfully, these new cards offer better management tools.

  • Taming HBAs, Part 2

    Installing, configuring and maintaining Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) is the bane of many SAN administrators. Thankfully, these new cards offer better management tools.