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July 2003

  • Analyze that: Network Appliance

    As part of our "Analyze that" series, SearchStorage.com expert Randy Kerns dissects Network Appliance. Randy looks at what NetApp has done right this year, what products are carrying them and how storge


  • IBM teams with Cisco for IP SANs

    IBM is offering iSCSI and FCIP connectivity for Cisco's MDS 9000 line of storage switching devices. It also announced big savings by lowering the price on all its Cisco devices.

  • HP sees SMI-S as 'key enabler' of SAN market

    Hewlett-Packard began a developers program last week based on the Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S), an emerging industry-standard that fosters interoperability across storage har...

  • IP SANs take their place

    There's a growing interest in using IP for storage in small to midsized enterprises, although Fibre Channel is still dominant in large organizations. What's right for you: IP, FC or a combination o...

  • Taming HBAs

    New HBA cards promise to ease your HBA administration burden and are loaded with new features. But is this the truth?

  • Roll Your Own NAS

    Is building your own NAS better?

  • Is compliance the next killer app?

    Is compliance the next killer app?

  • Veritas SANPoint Control compared with EMC ControlCenter

    In the second part of a two-part article, we review Veritas SANPoint Control and compare it with EMC ControlCenter.

  • Snapshot: 4Gb/s Fibre Channel Switches

    Would You Buy a 4Gb/s Fibre Channel Switch?

  • Intelligence belongs in the network and on the switch

    Storage Bin: Intelligence belongs in the network and on the switch, but it's not going to get there in a jiffy.

  • What are your backup, DR and data retention policies?

    Can you describe your backup, retention and disaster recovery policies? And do they correctly address your business needs?

  • How to build a storage security strategy for your enterprise

    According to a Morgan Stanley December 2002 survey of 225 CIOs, security spending tops their 10 highest priorities for 2003. This article details how to build a thorough, companywide security strat...

  • Recent Funding to Storage Companies

    Database backup and recovery software and next-generation storage switching hardware garnered the lion's share of late-spring venture capital funding.

  • 10 questions with SearchStorage.com: Bill Johnson

    Managing contracts from large storage vendors is no easy task. Bill Johnson, IT Contract Manager, Woodside Energy Ltd. in Perth, Australia has his hands full in these agreements each day. Bill is t...

  • Behind the firewall 4

    Sun and AppIQ place bid for BMC ... Legato has risen from the dead ... Paceline really is dead ... Buzz on EqualLogic's iSCSI arrays ... Could Fibre Channel cut off TOEs?

  • Ask the Expert

    I have 60% free space on 10,000 PCs. Can I consolidate it by mounting it as a volume and using a login script to map it to the desktops?

  • Utility computing: Get ready to charge for storage

    Bits & Bytes: Analyst Jamie Gruener takes a close look at the hype and hope surrounding utility computing and what storage managers and admins should be doing now to prepare.

  • Securing SAN's with iSCSI

    Bits & Bytes: According to Peter Hayden, correctly configured, iSCSI-based arrays offer the highest level of security available in SAN technologies. Read why here.

  • Virtual SANs put to the test

    Cisco's new virtual SAN technology has aroused a lot of interest. But how does it work in practice? We look at how Australia's Deakin University uses VSANs to isolate development activity within it...

  • Getting remote data right

    The second of a two-part series on business continuity, this article focuses on how to use replicated data and the different types of replication: subsystem, host and network device based.