April 2003

  • MB/s or IO/s: Which to measure?

    There are two common methods of measuring performance in a storage network, but which do you measure? According to this tip, it depends on what you're doing.

  • Intel pens deal with Emulex to develop storage processors

    Intel and Emulex announced a deal to develop storage processors that integrate the Serial ATA, Serial-attached SCSI and Fibre Channel interfaces.

  • Storage management standards become a reality

    The Storage Networking Industry Association announced Tuesday that the Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) has been released for public review.

  • Taking a look at ATA drive options in your storage system

    Bits & Bytes: Here is a look at ATA drive options you may want to consider for your storage systems.

  • Cisco bridges the IP storage gap

    Cisco pulled back the curtain Monday on a new line of IP storage networking products. The announcement kicked off this week's Storage Networking World conference in Phoenix.

  • EMC's Clariion with ATA disk support offers savings

    EMC's Clariion with ATA disk support offers savings

  • USC Spurns Usual Tape Suspects

    In his role as director of emerging technologies at the University of Southern California (USC), Mike Lin is responsible for storing and backing up between 50TB to 100TB of data, for faculty and st...

  • Sony Promotes Tape for WORM Archival

    Despite its unfortunate name, emerging tape WORM technology could be a real boon to storage administrators now required to archive, for example, e-mail or medical images.

  • Tape: Alive and full of options

    Sure, disk is going down in price, but don't underestimate the value of tape technology. We look at what's available in tape libraries for large-scale backup.

  • NAS gives hotel a vacation from backup headaches

    To consolidate and streamline its server backups at varied locations, Wyndham Hotels switches from tape to network-attached storage (NAS).

  • Survey: SANs top IT shopping lists

    According to a recent survey, the percentage of IT shops moving to networked storage is overwhelming and, within the networked storage pool, SANs 'are clearly the winner.'

  • Behind the Firewall 2

    Problems with EMC's Control Center ...Whither Legato ... Good news at iotech ... Straightening out FalconStor rumors

  • How global companies are consolidating storage.

    Learn how international companies are managing their storage globally through data center consolidation.

  • Let the iSCSI Games Begin

    From the time the iSCSI specification was ratified by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) this winter, there's been a spate of iSCSI product announcements.

  • Intelligence Sprouts in the Storage Network

    It's still too early to tell how the fight for the so-called "intelligent switch" market will pan out, but players are slowly starting to reveal what team they're on.

  • Midrange or high end: what's right for you

    While the line is blurring, it's not gone. We look at what really differentiates high-end from midrange storage. And we look at the virtues of combining them.

  • Virtual SANs bring order to chaos

    What will Cisco's embedded virtual SAN technology in its new MDS switch line mean to storage managers? For starters, a new way to manage SANs as they spread across the company.

  • Picking Up the Pieces from the BMC Debacle

    BMC unceremoniously dumped its open systems storage management suite leaving customers in the lurch.

  • Rolling disaster

    Rolling disaster

  • Storage managers grapple with Windows

    The spread of Windows into ever-more serious applications and the growth of data on Windows servers means that more storage managers are attaching Windows hosts to their SANs. Along with that comes...