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March 2003

  • How much storage is utilized with RAID-5?

  • InfiniBand startups to merge

    A pair of InfiniBand startup companies have merged to become more attractive to OEMs. Lane15 Software and InfiniSwitch now boast a one-stop shop for InfiniBand hardware and software.

  • Ease backup pain

    OK, maybe there's no cure, but a variety of bandages and pills can help. We look at the major backup packages and analyze what each does best.

  • Surveillance Gradually Going Digital

    Security-conscious companies who started out using analog videotapes, are gradually making the switch to digital, offloading to digital tape and occasionally, cheap ATA disk.

  • How to do hybrid backup

    Disk-based backup is an attractive idea, but you'll want to get a handle on how to optimize it.

  • Moving backup off the mainframe

    Hobart Corp. migrated their backup environment to open systems, dramatically reducing media and management costs.

  • Make HSM work for open systems

    Translating this time-honored mainframe concept to open systems requires a completely different approach.

  • Annual awards for the best and brightest in the storage industry

    Storage Bin: Steve Duplessie gives out his first annual awards for the best and brightest in the storage industry.

  • Data storage consolidation guidelines

    Consolidation sounds good, but here are some guidelines to determine if it will work for you. Plus, seven steps to getting it done.

  • What's better for backup: tape or disk?

    What's better for backup: tape or disk? Both, actually, and here's why. The answers may surprise you.

  • Pushing storage to the edge

    If you're delivering large content files to widely distributed users, consider moving data storage closer to the user.

  • Cheap DR with Wireless MAN

    Synchronous replication between remote EMC Symmetrix arrays isn't cheap.

  • Firm Sees the Storage Automation Light

    Many IT people are on the fence about automated storage management, but at Allegra Systems in Piscataway, NJ, there's no doubt that automatic file migration software has cut down on the IT staff's ...

  • Symmetrix DMX: Is it Hot or Not?

    The year is still young, but EMC's Symmetrix DMX announcement is arguably 2003's biggest storage story.

  • Sony Joins Super Drive Game

    The market for super drives is alive and kicking, according to a recent report from Freeman Reports, with unit shipments more than doubling from 2001 to 2002.

  • Tap the SAN for File Storage

    Used to be, if you wanted to give users a central place to store files, you had two options: put them on a generic file server, or on a NAS device.

  • Bring DBAs into the SAN era

    You may not want DBAs poking around inside your fabric, but the more they understand about SANs, the better they'll be.

  • Is it lights out for optical?

    Blue lasers and other technical advances are pushing optical disks to 30GB soon, with more than 100GB in site.

  • How to block the four paths to your data

    Hackers can't get into your SAN? Baloney! Here's how to block the four paths to your data.

  • Here we go again

    Here we go again