• December 15, 2003 15 Dec'03

    Is there a need for more speed?

    Fibre Channel switch and HBA vendors will be shipping 10Gb/s gear in early 2004. The Fibre Channel Industry Association has just backed a 4Gb/s standard, yet how necessary is this when some enterprises have only recently migrated from 1Gb/s to 2Gb/s?  Continue Reading

  • December 15, 2003 15 Dec'03

    The pitfalls of smart switches

    Do you want to centralize storage management, cut costs and make your life a whole lot easier? There are a number of storage vendors promising these very things by creating products that move intelligence into the fabric, but smart fabrics will have...  Continue Reading

  • December 15, 2003 15 Dec'03

    Tiered storage: Heterogeneous vs. homogeneous

    Tiered storage is a hot idea, but implementing it can be trickier than appears. This article defines the two different approaches--heterogeneous and homogeneous--and helps you choose the strategy you should employ.  Continue Reading

  • December 15, 2003 15 Dec'03

    EMC and NetApp still think they're competitors

    Storage Bin: EMC and NetApp still think they're competitors; they spend time and money planning defense strategies. Maybe if they paused to think for a minute, they'd see that they're two successful companies growing in vastly different directions.  Continue Reading

  • December 15, 2003 15 Dec'03

    Behind the firewall 5

    Brocade's future in question ... NetApp loses voting power ... Tape drives and tape media complaints ... EMC searching for a new Dell ... Emulex's acquisition of Vixel is all good news.  Continue Reading

  • December 15, 2003 15 Dec'03

    Prepare for future trends in storage management

    Which trends will impact future storage management efforts? What can you do now to prepare for them? Yankee Group analyst and storage management expert Jamie Gruener explains.  Continue Reading

  • December 15, 2003 15 Dec'03

    How to manage your data storage growth

    The growth seen by Hopkinton, MA, the home of EMC, is similar to the challenges faced by IT professionals. Here's how to manage your growing storage town.  Continue Reading