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November 2003

  • CTRC heals network with iSCSI

    Early iSCSI adopters from the Cancer Therapy & Research Center (CTRC) in San Antonio, Texas have made big gains in cost savings and increased performance with IP.

  • Fast guide supplement on Brocade

    Fast guide supplement on Brocade

  • Fast guide supplement on McData

    Fast guide supplement on McData

  • Cisco overhauls SAN software

    In its biggest announcement since the debut of the MDS 9000 family of storage switches, Cisco Systems has revamped its entire storage management software package to give users more options for conn...

  • Understand your scheduled backups

    What you can do with them, and what not.

  • How to secure NFS access to NAS devices

    Bits & Bytes: Security expert Vijay Ahuja discusses several approaches to prevent unwarranted user access to NAS devices, when made via the Network File System (NFS).

  • Disk-to-disk-to-tape makes inroads

    Looking for an effective way to back up remote offices? A disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) set-up might be an interesting way to go. This tip explores the options of D2D2T.

  • Learning Guide: SAN-based backups

    There are a number of ways to implement and manage SAN-based backups. Learn best practices from this rich collection of technical advice.

  • Data management, the next major vendor battleground

    Bits & Bytes: Storage expert Randy Kerns explores the importance of lifecycle data management and why vendors need to deliver a timely and effective solution.

  • Salary rankings for storage pros

    Arm yourself with information to advance your career. Learn how you stack up to your storage peers with results from TechTarget's 2002 Summer/Fall salary survey.

  • Which SAN cache do you need?

    Beware of data loss in cache.

  • Is Brocade for sale?

    The industry's abuzz with rumors about the future of Brocade, but does the claim that the switch maker is up for sale hold water?

  • HP to acquire Persist for ILM technology

    Managing data from creation to deletion has just become easier for HP. The company announced Tuesday that it plans to acquire Persist Technologies for its active archiving software to boost HP's in...

  • Quantum hopes new technology will heal fiscal wounds

    After a year of hemorrhaging revenues, the CEO of Quantum has a plan to hoist the tape maker back to the top of the tape market by relying on new technologies to improve the company's bottom line.

  • Imation becomes sole source for VXA and Mammoth tape media

    Exabyte has signed a $20 million deal with Imation, giving Exabyte a healthy balance sheet and Imation exclusive rights to distribute VXA and Mammoth tape technologies.

  • Learning guide to SAN security

    Hackers, snoopers and denial of service attacks are well-known enemies of SAN security. But there are many other threats. Here's a look at other threats and ways to stay secure.

  • Creating a model for data backup capacity

    Creating a model for backup capacity will assist you in forecasting your storage needs for a given budget cycle. This way, you can consolidate your storage purchases and save big bucks.

  • Most Tape Libraries Have Too Much Horsepower

    Are your tapes too fast?

  • New directions for switches

    With all of the recent acquisitions and new partnerships forming this year, finding the right Fibre Channel switch for you is even more confusing. This article will help you chose the right one.

  • IBM unveils storage tank

    With SANs growing, should you be thinking of how to leverage them for files? SAN FS, IBM's new clustered file system, is one option and we examine it in detail. Is enterprise IT ready for SAN FS an...