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  • Storage Clips: Brocade ships 10,000th director

    Brocade said it expects the 4 Gbps FC market to grow more than $1B in 2006; Bocada claims 200 new accounts in 2005.

  • 3PAR adds midrange array for secondary sites

    3PARdata Inc.(3PAR) has added a midrange version of its InServ storage array to its lineup, serving its existing customer base with secondary storage for remote sites and, potentially, smaller companies


  • Storage Clips: BlueArc raises another $29M in funding

    NAS vendor BlueArc has raised $29M in funding, bringing the total to well over $200M to date; SunGard packages DR services for SMBs.

  • Data Domain DD460

    Data Domain Inc.'s DD460 is the first major upgrade of a previous winner, the Data Domain DD200 Recovery Appliance, which won gold in this category for the 2003 Products of the Year awards...

  • EMC backs off Windows NAS

    EMC will stop selling its NetWin 110 and 200 Windows NAS boxes, switching instead to reselling third-party products through its Select Program.

  • SAN supports fast-growth

    LiveOffice finds a highly available, scalable, low-maintenance storage architecture supporting 200% annual growth.

  • Storage Clips: Symantec in talks to acquire Veritas?

    Symantec rumored to be acquiring Veritas for $13 billion; KPN to sell EMC and Connected PC data protection services; Copan Systems to integrate VTL software into its Revolution 200T.

  • Quick Takes: Capacity boost

    Dot Hill ships 180G Byte drives for SANnet 7000; CNT sells Propelis Software; and EMC extends the reach of SRDF to 200 kilometers.

  • DDR SDRAM (double data rate SDRAM)

    DDR SDRAM (double data rate SDRAM) is synchronous dynamic RAM (SDRAM) that can theoretically improve memory clock speed to at least 200 MHz*. It activates output on both the rising and...

  • San pioneer: start small, but smart

    Building a SAN? Avoid hidden costs, unforeseen problems and unmanageable expansion by starting with a solid plan. That's one of the key lessons Intuit learned on its way to 200TB.

  • At 400 GB, Hitachi DeskStar is new heavyweight champ

    For the second time in less than a month, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has broken the capacity record with one of its disk drives. Today, it announced an ATA and serial ATA disk drive, the 7,200...

  • StorageTek offers tape drive with FC capability

    StorageTek has its sights set on SAN backup. Its new T9940B tape drive is slated to hit the market with a 200G byte cartridge capacity and 30M bit/sec throughput.

  • Executive vision: Storage is a quiet revolution

    In the latest installment of a series of interviews with the chief executive officers of major storage companies attending the Merrill Lynch Storage Technology Conference in Santa Barbara this week, searchStorage...

  • RDRAM (Rambus DRAM)

    RDRAM (Rambus DRAM) is a type of computer device active memory developed and licensed by Rambus Inc. RDRAM competed with synchronous dynamic RAM (SDRAM


  • Seagate ClusterStor HPC includes CS300N for Lustre, GPFS file storage

    Seagate Technology LLC expanded its line of scale-out storage for high-performance computing with the ClusterStor 300N system, a hybrid design with models for Lustre and IBM Spectrum Scale file systems.


  • Secure Digital card (SD card)

    A Secure Digital (SD) card is a tiny flash memory card designed for high-capacity memory and various portable devices, such as


  • Purchase of NAS arrays driven by need for capacity, desire to expand

    Cloud storage may be hot, but good old NAS arrays -- stand-alone and hybrid deployments -- are more than holding their own in today's data center. Beige Market Intelligence forecast, for example, that


  • Avere Systems Cloud-Core NAS (C2N)

    Bronze winner in the Storage magazine/SearchStorage.com 2016 Products of the Year Disk and Hybrid Systems category.

    Avere Systems took bronze award honors with its Cloud-Core NAS (C2N)


  • Seagate storage adds Lustre, GPFS ClusterStor systems

    Seagate Technology LLC Tuesday expanded its high-performance computing (HPC) portfolio with the introduction of a higher performing Lustre-based


  • Nasuni cloud storage moves all-flash, disk appliances to Dell

    Cloud NAS provider Nasuni Corp. this week revamped its Nasuni Filer NF hardware line, which is now based exclusively on Dell commodity servers.

    The product refresh includes a new