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  • 3PAR adds midrange array for secondary sites

    3PARdata Inc.(3PAR) has added a midrange version of its InServ storage array to its lineup, serving its existing customer base with secondary storage for remote sites and, potentially, smaller companies


  • Storage Clips: BlueArc raises another $29M in funding

    NAS vendor BlueArc has raised $29M in funding, bringing the total to well over $200M to date; SunGard packages DR services for SMBs.

  • Data Domain DD460

    Data Domain Inc.'s DD460 is the first major upgrade of a previous winner, the Data Domain DD200 Recovery Appliance, which won gold in this category for the 2003 Products of the Year awards...

  • EMC backs off Windows NAS

    EMC will stop selling its NetWin 110 and 200 Windows NAS boxes, switching instead to reselling third-party products through its Select Program.

  • SAN supports fast-growth

    LiveOffice finds a highly available, scalable, low-maintenance storage architecture supporting 200% annual growth.

  • Storage Clips: Symantec in talks to acquire Veritas?

    Symantec rumored to be acquiring Veritas for $13 billion; KPN to sell EMC and Connected PC data protection services; Copan Systems to integrate VTL software into its Revolution 200T.

  • Quick Takes: Capacity boost

    Dot Hill ships 180G Byte drives for SANnet 7000; CNT sells Propelis Software; and EMC extends the reach of SRDF to 200 kilometers.

  • DDR SDRAM (double data rate SDRAM)

    DDR SDRAM (double data rate SDRAM) is synchronous dynamic RAM (SDRAM) that can theoretically improve memory clock speed to at least 200 MHz*. It activates output on both the rising and...

  • San pioneer: start small, but smart

    Building a SAN? Avoid hidden costs, unforeseen problems and unmanageable expansion by starting with a solid plan. That's one of the key lessons Intuit learned on its way to 200TB.

  • At 400 GB, Hitachi DeskStar is new heavyweight champ

    For the second time in less than a month, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has broken the capacity record with one of its disk drives. Today, it announced an ATA and serial ATA disk drive, the 7,200...

  • StorageTek offers tape drive with FC capability

    StorageTek has its sights set on SAN backup. Its new T9940B tape drive is slated to hit the market with a 200G byte cartridge capacity and 30M bit/sec throughput.

  • Executive vision: Storage is a quiet revolution

    In the latest installment of a series of interviews with the chief executive officers of major storage companies attending the Merrill Lynch Storage Technology Conference in Santa Barbara this week, searchStorage...

  • Seagate storage adds Lustre, GPFS ClusterStor systems

    Seagate Technology LLC Tuesday expanded its high-performance computing (HPC) portfolio with the introduction of a higher performing Lustre-based


  • SAN array buyers think capacity first

    Nowadays, there's plenty of talk about cloud, converged and even hyper-converged storage systems, but when it comes to shared storage for high performance apps, storage pros still shop for good ol'


  • HUS VM SAN array platform

    The Hitachi Unified Storage virtual machine (HUS VM) is a SAN platform designed for heavily virtualized data centers with large storage requirements. It comes with a large feature set, such as <...

  • NetApp FAS2500 series: Technical overview

    The NetApp FAS2500 series is a NAS platform designed to fill midrange storage needs. The FAS2500 has three models: the FAS2554, FAS2552 and FAS2520, and they are all available with one or two controllers.


  • EMC and Dell users react to proposed merger at Dell World

    AUSTIN, Texas -- EMC and Dell storage customers aired a mix of reactions to Dell's proposed


  • HVD (holographic versatile disc)

    Holographic versatile disc (HVD) is a holographic storage format that looks like a DVD but is capable of storing far more data. Prototype HVD devices have been created with a capacity of 3.9 terabytes


  • IBM DS8870 Storage Array Platform

    The IBM DS8870 is a large enterprise storage array for SAN environments, including highly virtualized infrastructures. The DS8870 has the ability to deploy an all-fl


  • Oracle FS1-2 storage array system

    Oracle FS1-2 is a SAN array designed for large enterprise data centers with high levels of virtualization. The array supports both all-flash and hybrid flash