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  • The life span of tape

    What is the time frame (LIVE SPAN) for the 4mm tapes and 8mm LTO tapes? We have some tapes that have been saving data for seven years.

    DDS has a shelf life of 10 years and 2000 "passes."


  • IBM adds Storwize V7000 Unified array for multiprotocol storage

    IBM today launched the Storwize V7000 Unified storage array, its first internally


  • GridIron launches TurboCharger SAN accelerator, other data storage news

    GridIron Systems Inc. came out of stealth


  • Tech Roundup: Disk subsystems


    Storage software is coming on strong, but disk subsystems, which include control software with the capability to organize its disks as disk arrays, have always been the life-blood


  • Talk is cheap

    ARCHIVING DIGITIZED PHONE conversations is still a relatively rare practice, but regulatory compliance issues may prompt more companies to start, says Nick Shelness,


  • Automatic storage tiering making its mark

    When solid-state drives (SSDs) first started showing up in storage arrays three years ago, the lack of


  • Nexsan spins its own NAS array, the E5000 platform

    Nexsan Corp. is taking another shot at delivering network-attached storage (NAS). The vendor today


  • Storage Clips: Bumper crop of customers for DR vendors

    Daily compilation of storage news:

    Concordia Advisors chooses Topio
    Topio Inc. announced that Concordia Advisors, a London-based hedge fund, has implemented Topio's Data Protection...

  • Cheap SANs--Hype or Hot?

    Storage vendors have made a lot of noise about cheap storage area networks (SANs) for the small- to medium-sized business (SMB) but, so far, "it's not going gangbusters," says Steve Vonderhaar, vice


  • Roomier Backup Arrays-Sort of

    Arrays based on ATA drives are pretty cheap, but storing backups to them can eat up capacity at a furious rate.

    Don't be surprised when you start seeing disk-based backup products that advertise


  • Is traditional backup past its prime?

    We’ve been backing up our data the same way for decades, but proliferating applications and massive amounts of data are forcing a change.

    For a long time now, people have been


  • Video will bloat e-mail systems

    Here's a scary thought: In the next couple of years, e-mail systems may be clogged with attachments as big as 50MB to 200MB in size, says David Ferris, president and senior analyst at San Francisco-based


  • EMC revs up interest in Iomega

    EMC Corp. increased its offer for Iomega Corp. as expected, and this time Iomega might accept it.

    Iomega today said EMC raised its offer to $3.75 per share, up from $3.25 per share last week.


  • Sony launches AIT-4

    Sony Electronics of America has released the fourth generation of its Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) drive, satisfying a hungry installed base of users that have been stuck with lower capacity drives


  • "Trusted" storage on the horizon

    Industry standards body The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) has released a specification that bakes some useful security functionality into storage devices. Analysts think it will roll out


  • JCPenney saves energy with larger drives and tiered storage

    More efficient storage tiering has played a major role in JCPenney's massive energy-efficiency program, and the retailer's senior architect said he plans to add solid-state drives (SSDs) into the mix


  • NEC HydraStor HS8

    Take the hottest storage technology topics of 2007 -- archiving for ediscovery and compliance, building out disk-based backup systems, clustered/grid storage and data deduplication -- and combine them


  • Primary storage data reduction takes center stage at SNW

    ORLANDO, Fla.— Primary storage capacity optimization will play a prominent role at Storage Networking World (SNW) this week, with vendors launching products to deduplicate or compress data.


  • Storage Clips: Copan takes on EMC Centera

    Daily compilation of storage news:

    Copan adds archiving to MAID
    Copan Systems Inc. announced a new version of its massive array of idle disks (MAID) system that supports archiving....

  • SAN training

    Where can I receive SAN training in Atlanta, GA?

    Brocade I find usually does a good job at SAN