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SAN management

SAN certifications for storage pros

SAN certifications for storage pros

By  Greg Schulz

I currently work in a 150 TB, primarily Brocade/EMC environment. I have 15 years IT and five years SAN experience. What SAN-related certifications should I pursue? I'm looking at the SNIA offerings as well as Brocade CFP- and EMC-related certifications.
There are many different options to pursue depending on where you want to go with your career, including vendor-specific and technology-neutral training from industry and private groups.

For example, if you want to leverage your experience with Brocade and EMC, then certifications from those vendors would be an option. If you are looking for more broad and generic certification and qualifications, then check out the various SNIA certification and qualification programs. Check out the SearchStorage tip "Storage certification sources: What's out there for you".

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01 Aug 2006

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SAN management

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