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Advanced storage area network

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Fibre Channel (FC) SAN

Multipathing during boot

Multipathing during boot

By  Arun Taneja

When booting from SAN, how can I provide multiple paths via HBA's? If I boot from the SAN and my HBA fails, connectivity to my OS fails. Is automatic failover to my second HBA possible to maintain connectivity to the operating system on the SAN?
The short answer is: No. Multipath is not supported during boot, since it depends on special multipathing drivers to load, which happens during boot. So, if a path fails during boot, before these drivers have loaded, the boot will probably fail. A server, however, may be configured (this varies by OS) to boot from a number of locations in a sequence. If one boot device fails, booting would happen from the second source.

05 May 2005

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Fibre Channel (FC) SAN

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