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SAN management

Managing growing SANs

Managing growing SANs

By  Greg Schulz

My SAN is growing at an incredible pace. I need to be able to reference some industry documents that talk of staffing ratios to SAN ports and SAN storage. Also, in order to compare apples to apples, what are the typical tasks these folks are performing?
In terms of industry documents to reference or use as a rule of thumb for staging ratios, you could check with the different vendors for what they see and advise with respect to their specific technologies. In terms of industry-wide staffing ratios, I would take those with a grain of salt given the diversity, among the change, size and complexity of different environments.

Some common tasks associated with managing growing SANs include among others setup and configuration of zones for add moves and changes, volume mapping, RAID groups, LUN management, configuration validation and change management, problem determination and isolation, firmware and software upgrades, performance and capacity planning as well as making sure data and configuration information is backed up and secured among other tasks.

04 Jan 2007