Strategy and Insight for Storage Professionals

An explosion of data and the need to retain, manage and analyze it is driving demand for a variety of new storage technologies. This sponsored news section provides practical information for IT professionals who need to understand these new technologies and develop strategies for addressing their own storage and data management challenges.

Cloud and Data Management

The choices available for deploying applications to the cloud continue to increase and span private, public and hybrid models. Careful analysis and smart planning for your storage architecture is required to ensure cost-efficient, reliable and secure availability of data, applications and services when deploying cloud solutions. Continue Reading

Data Center Infrastructure

Industry surveys show that IT departments continue to place a high priority on increasing infrastructure utilization and improving operational efficiencies in order to control costs. This section focuses on opportunities for modernizing your data center infrastructure and building a strong foundation to support cost-efficient growth.  Continue Reading

Enterprise Storage Systems

Today’s enterprise storage systems need to provide capabilities over and above high performance, reliability and availability. The list of requirements has expanded to include non-disruptive lifecycle management, the ability to easily scale performance and capacity, and a variety of data management features such as storage efficiency, application integration and policy driven automation. Continue Reading

Hybrid and All-Flash Arrays

Flash technology is driving some of the most exciting developments in the storage industry. This section covers how you can make the best use of flash in your infrastructure and provides information for evaluating hybrid and all-flash arrays. Continue Reading

Storage Trends and Industry Perspectives

The storage industry is undergoing rapid changes – not just in the underlying technology, but also in how storage is provisioned, deployed, managed and consumed. Important new disciplines such as software-defined storage, object storage and big data are giving IT teams new options for architecting solutions to meet the demands of the business. Continue Reading