Data Center Infrastructure

Industry surveys show that IT departments continue to place a high priority on increasing infrastructure utilization and improving operational efficiencies in order to control costs. This section focuses on opportunities for modernizing your data center infrastructure and building a strong foundation to support cost-efficient growth.

An Insider’s View into the World’s Largest Data Warehouse

It’s not every day that you set a new world record, but that’s exactly what SAP did recently in conjunction with NetApp and several other partners at the SAP/Intel data center in Santa Clara, Calif. An independent audit documented that more than 12 petabytes (PB) of addressable storage had been created, and after reviewing the test data, the folks at Guinness World Records confirmed that the team had succeeded in creating the world’s largest data warehouse. Continue Reading

How to Calculate the Hidden Costs of Storage System Downtime

Eliminating storage downtime remains a top priority for enterprise IT professionals, according to a recent survey by NetApp. In fact, a majority of respondents said even limited system outages due to planned maintenance had become unacceptable for many of their business-critical applications. Perhaps most surprising were the hidden costs associated with storage maintenance operations—costs that can be avoided by deploying storage systems running the NetApp® clustered Data ONTAP® operating system. Continue Reading

Software Defined Networking Adds Efficiencies to Converged Infrastructure

Software defined network virtualization (SDN) introduces a way to further increase the efficiency of these converged infrastructures. SDN does for networking what the virtual machine (VM) did for servers - it treats physical network resources as a pool of capacity that can be consumed and repurposed on demand. Continue Reading

FlexPod Systems From Cisco and NetApp Upend Conventional Wisdom

The analyst firm IDC recently published research results for worldwide integrated infrastructure and platforms for the second calendar quarter of 2013. IDC segments the market into integrated infrastructure and integrated platforms. Continue Reading

How to Eliminate Planned Downtime for Storage Systems

The cost of downtime is a major concern for organizations of all types and sizes. A disaster that causes an extended outage has the potential to put a company out of business entirely... Continue Reading