Tips for Modernizing Your Infrastructure

Industry surveys show that IT departments continue to place a high priority on increasing infrastructure utilization and improving operational efficiencies in order to control costs. However, legacy storage systems often limit the extent to which this is possible. This section focuses on opportunities for modernizing your storage infrastructure and building a strong foundation to support cost-efficient growth.

Software Defined Networking Adds Efficiencies to Converged Infrastructure

Software defined network virtualization (SDN) introduces a way to further increase the efficiency of these converged infrastructures. SDN does for networking what the virtual machine (VM) did for servers - it treats physical network resources as a pool of capacity that can be consumed and repurposed on demand.

Top Five Things to Look For in a Storage Guarantee Program

Many vendors offer guarantee programs that promise savings in storage for virtualized environments. However, when you peel back the covers of most of these programs you discover limitations that severely diminish their claims of 25% to 50% savings.

FlexPod Systems From Cisco and NetApp Upend Conventional Wisdom

The analyst firm IDC recently published research results for worldwide integrated infrastructure and platforms for the second calendar quarter of 2013. IDC segments the market into integrated infrastructure and integrated platforms.

Put Your Snapshot Copies to Work with SnapVault Backup Software

Every day, millions of backup jobs are kicked off and petabytes of data are copied to disk and tape—just in case some small portion of the data is needed in the future. For most companies, the backup infrastructure is an expensive insurance policy, one that every company hopes it will never need to cash in.

Use a Virtual Storage Appliance for Remote Site Data Protection

Remote sites no longer have to be quite so remote. In fact, with a virtual storage appliance (VSA), your remote servers can have all of the data protection and advanced functionality of a fully featured network storage array.

Three Reasons to Update Your Next Storage RFP

Here are some tips and resources for crafting an updated storage RFP to address the three most commonly cited reasons for buying new storage systems: the need for more capacity, the desire for a technology refresh, and the need for increased performance.

Architecting the Virtual Environment: SANs vs. NAS

In today's virtual environments, one of the most important decisions is whether to deploy a SAN or NAS for the storage infrastructure...

How Do You Measure and Report Storage Efficiency?

Storage professionals have responded to unchecked data growth by deploying a number of new technologies, including data deduplication, data compression and thin provisioning, among others…

Accelerate Application Modernization with Converged Infrastructure

A number of trends are driving organizations of all sizes to modernize their legacy IT infrastructure for Microsoft®, Oracle® and SAP® software, including transitions from RISC to x86 architectures, database and application upgrades…