SSD and Flash Storage

Solid-state disk and flash are driving some of the most exciting developments in storage due to the high performance and increasing capacity of flash technology. Many organizations have standardized on hybrid arrays for shared infrastructure and are now deploying all-flash arrays to control costs and deliver high performance to their most demanding applications. This section covers the many options available for deploying flash technology today, including server flash, hybrid arrays, caching technology and all-flash arrays.

NetApp All-Flash FAS Arrays: A Deep Dive

Many vendors offer high-performance all-flash arrays (AFAs) to address high-throughput workloads with random data access patterns and low latency requirements, such as virtual desktop infrastructure and online transaction processing. AFAs offer performance advantages over hard disk drive-based systems for these workloads, yet many of them lack critical capabilities in one key area: enterprise data management.

NVIDIA Speeds Product Development with NetApp Hybrid Flash Arrays

At NVIDIA, success is driven by relentless innovation and the ability to bring new products to market quickly. The company’s engineers design a range of processors, from chips that power smartphones and tablets to supercomputing processors packed with 7 billion transistors.

The Three Biggest Misconceptions About Flash Storage

As flash storage has become more robust and affordable for enterprise environments, IT teams are using it to solve some of their most pressing performance challenges, such as OLTP, databases and desktop virtualization.

When to Consider an All-Flash Array

New flash-based storage options are motivating IT professionals to reconsider the mix of storage media in their data centers. Some are even starting to question how much longer spinning hard drives will play a role in their infrastructure.

NetApp Flash Pool and Flash Cache: A Deep Dive

NetApp has introduced several important innovations since first incorporating flash technology in 2009. On the software side, we have focused on the use of intelligent caching to maximize storage infrastructure efficiency. In hardware, our innovations have focused on high performance and reliability. This article provides a closer look at the hardware elements that enable our hybrid flash arrays: NetApp® Flash Cache™ and NetApp Flash Pool™.