Enterprise Storage Systems

Today’s enterprise storage systems need to provide capabilities over and above high performance, reliability and availability. The list of requirements has expanded to include non-disruptive lifecycle management, the ability to easily scale performance and capacity, and a variety of data management features such as storage efficiency, application integration and policy driven automation.

Why Scale-Out Storage Is a Better Approach for Cloud and Enterprise Apps

There’s a lot happening in enterprise IT these days. New delivery models, such as virtualization, the cloud and software-defined storage are changing the landscape. The rapid emergence of new technologies, such as in-memory databases and flash storage, has many IT organizations rethinking their storage options, especially for business-critical applications that rely on Microsoft and Oracle databases or SAP HANA. Continue Reading

A Deep Dive into Storage Performance Benchmarks

Storage system benchmarking is part science and part art. The latter is especially true with benchmarks performed by vendors who are seeking to show favorable results for their own solutions. In this article, I review important information to look for and red flags to avoid. Continue Reading

Use Storage QoS to Manage Performance for Multiple Workloads

In highly virtualized and cloud environments, storage quality of service (QoS) is becoming more and more critical for preventing workloads or tenants from adversely affecting one another and for meeting service-level objectives for storage performance. Continue Reading

Using Clustered Storage for Nondisruptive Data Migrations

Data migrations are a fact of life within most data centers. In a recent study by TheInfoPro, IT professionals ranked storage migrations as their most time-consuming task, ahead of “perennial time sinks” such as backup administration and storage provisioning. Continue Reading

Use a Scalable SAN to Keep Up With Rapid Data Growth

Enterprises are struggling with an ever-increasing amount of data to store and manage. Across all industries, rapid data growth is outstripping the capacity of legacy storage systems and stretching the resources of understaffed IT organizations. Continue Reading

Three Reasons to Update Your Next Storage RFP

Here are some tips and resources for crafting an updated storage RFP to address the three most commonly cited reasons for buying new storage systems: the need for more capacity, the desire for a technology refresh, and the need for increased performance. Continue Reading