Use a Virtual Storage Appliance for Remote Site Data Protection

By Jim Lyons, NetApp

Remote sites no longer have to be quite so remote. In fact, with a virtual storage appliance (VSA), your remote servers can have all of the data protection and advanced functionality of a fully featured network storage array.

Want to transform a remote server’s internal drives or direct-attached storage (DAS) to be part of a shared storage network? Want to create virtual volumes and automatically create space-efficient copies for local and remote site data protection? Those are just some of the capabilities provided by the NetApp® Data ONTAP® Edge VSA.


Test drive NetApp's and VMware's virtualization and data protection software.


First, a quick review: A VSA runs as a virtual machine and can provide the same capabilities as an enterprise storage array controller—such as deduplication, thin provisioning and replication technology—by using software technology to convert a server’s internal disk drives or DAS into a virtual storage array.

A VSA can be a perfect fit for a remote office environment where enterprise-class data management and protection is required but the cost of a traditional SAN or network-attached storage array can’t be justified.

Remote Site Data Protection
Snapshot technology and disk-to-disk backup capabilities are among the many features included with Data ONTAP Edge software to enable both local and remote site data protection. Local copies can be used to recover entire file systems or data volumes in seconds, regardless of capacity or number of files. Backup copies can be vaulted to a central site to provide increased data protection, and an optional version of the software can be used to provide server fault protection, if needed, by mirroring data to a central data center or another server running the VSA software.

Test Drive Data ONTAP Edge With VMware
NetApp and VMware have partnered to make it easy to evaluate Data ONTAP Edge technology along with SnapMirror®, SnapVault® and the entire VMware® vCloud® suite. The trial software requires a single physical server, and it can be nondisruptively migrated from an evaluation environment to a production environment at any time. See the resources below for more information.

Data ONTAP Edge Resources

NetApp-VMware Trial Software Free Download
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For more information, visit the NetApp community for Data ONTAP Edge to engage with NetApp experts and research best-practice recommendations for remote site data protection.

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