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The rise of scale-out network-attached storage

Scale-out NAS is being implemented across the storage landscape, with major vendors and startups releasing new and upgraded products. This guide discusses product offerings and how organizations use scale-out.


Who needs EMC? Cisco has whole stack of storage partners

Keep Cisco off the list of possible EMC suitors -- Cisco is too promiscuous a storage player to tie itself exclusively to one partner.


EMC Syncplicity views more file data with Panorama

EMC Syncplicity adds Panorama for end users looking to manage online storage on mobile devices from multiple repositories.


Data Dynamics aims StorageX software at Microsoft

StorageX 7.5 includes Microsoft DFS automation tools and CIFS-based disaster recovery; vendor plans to target object storage and Hadoop in next release.

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Storage Technology Basics

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    RAID 10 (redundant array of independent disks)

    RAID 10, also known as RAID 1+0, combines disk mirroring and disk striping to protect data.

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    RAID 6 (redundant array of independent disks)

    RAID 6, also known as double-parity RAID, uses two parity stripes on each disk. It allows for two disk failures within the RAID set before any data is lost.

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    cache memory

    Cache memory, also called CPU memory, is random access memory (RAM) that a computer microprocessor can access more quickly than it can access regular RAM.

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